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Training in hoofcare

We are frequently presented with lame cows that someone has already “had a go” on.
Incorrect hoof trimming can at best cause a longer healing time and at worst can create a cull cow!

We are able to offer one day practical training courses in the correct techniques. These days are designed for farm staff in the South Island to improve both their knowledge of lameness issues and to learn some of the skills to treat them effectively. The day is designed to ensure that participants spend the maximum amount of time actually trimming and treating cattle. We have a strict policy of having a maximum of four, minimum of two students on these training days. Equipment provided. Training takes place in Canterbury, Otago & Southland but if you are outside of these areas please enquire.

Massive height difference and far too long.....note the white line lesion in the thicker and therfore overloaded claw.

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This cow has been treated on farm but cut too short in the toe yet the sole has also been left far too thick resulting in the feet remaining out of balance. The cow was still in the lame mob......

 Correctly trimmed and balanced so that the claws are evenly loaded.....