Healthier Cows - Reduce the number of lame cows in your herd and increase production... You can achieve healthy hooves.Lameness in dairy cattle is without a doubt one of the greatest causes of lost production and is of significant economic impact to the milk producer.

Predict and Prepare - Reduced milk yield, poor fertility, significant treatment costs, and frequently considerable discomfort for the lame cow all mean that it is vitally important to get on top of this problem.

The Problem - Here in New Zealand there are many factors that can contribute to the causes of cattle lameness ranging from dietary management through to physical and environmental conditions. The most common conditions of lameness that we find are white line lesions, sole ulcers, underun or double soles, severe haemorrhaging (laminitis), and foul in the foot.

The Solution - As specialist cattle hoof trimmers we not only treat thousands of lame cows but also seek to help prevent lameness in our clients herds by undertaking preventative trimming of those cows whose feet are significantly out of balance. In 2017 we had over 20,000 cows through our crushes. We aim to work long term with our customers and the vast majority of our work comes to us through personal recommendation - something our team is very proud of!