Cowcare is a specialist cattle hoof care company owned by Mark & Lindsey Roberts and operating in the South Island of New Zealand.
Mark is a professional cattle hoof trimmer and has been working in New Zealand since 2008. We have since grown into a team of three professional hoof trimmers and in 2017 trimmed the feet of over 20,000 cows in the Canterbury and North Otago regions.

We have a fleet of four mobile hydraulic cattle crushes that are purpose built for hoof trimming and enable cattle to be handled quickly, comfortably and safely. These are “state of the art” machines that are radio controlled and very friendly to both cow and operator! Cows remain standing in the crush and each crush and trimmer is usually able to treat at least 50 cows between milking or upwards of 100 in a full day. With two machines operating on the same farm these numbers can double.

Our trimming crushes are pulled by late model Utes which also are equipped with extra alloy yard gates ensuring that we can always offer the best and safest set up to trim on your farm.

In addition to our on farm hoof care services we also run one day practical training courses for farm staff who wish to learn or improve their skills in dealing with lame cows on their farms.

We stock a range of hoof care products and equipment at competitive prices. All of the products we sell we use ourselves either whilst hoof trimming or during in our training days.