Treat your lame cows with ease and maximum safety.

Erognomicaly designed without compromise and featuring a build quality beyond all of its competitors our static manual crush is built in the UK by the same company that builds our own heavy duty mobile hydraulic crushes. To give an idea of the build quality our oldest mobile contractor machine has seen over 100,000 cows and is still going strong! This same engineering quality can be seen in these basic crushes as well.

The strong, galvanised steel frame construction ensures cattle are safely restrained for both routine trimming or treatment of lameness. The crush has an adjustable, self locking head gate which enhances ease of use and makes it suitable for handling cattle of any size.

Front leg blocks with tie down system aid the treating of any front feet whilst the rump chain secures the hind quarters when lifting back legs with the braked safety winch. A similar safety winch operates the wide rubber brisket band which supports the front of the cow. This ensures the cow is comfortably held over the rib cage and NOT the stomach area which can put pressure on internal organs and also causes a cow to "slump".

A number of options are available including electric winch for rear leg lifting, sprung rump bar, front winch blocks, and folding rear gates. All of these can be after market if required.

This crush is larger, constructed of heavier gauge steel than most other units available in New Zealand.

NZ$5,995 +GST and delivery