Our Team.....

Mark Roberts.

Hoof trimming in New Zealand since 2008 Mark has regularly trimmed 10,000 cows in a season and is still loving his job although he maintains his age means that his ambition these days is to do slightly fewer. Mark enjoys helping farms improve their cows locomotion and is always happy to take the time to try and educate farm staff. He can also tell very long winded and highly suspect fishing stories.

Martin Naydenov.

Originally from Bulgaria Martin came to New Zealand 16 years ago and he has recently obtained citizenship for himself and his family. Martin spent ten years dairy farming before joining Cowcare in 2014. This is now his fifth season trimming with us and he is now our busiest trimmer. Friendly and approachable Martin is popular with farmers and is a valued member of our team. He claims this is his dream job.....

Troy Edwards.

Troy is our newest hoof trimmer having joined our team in November 2017. Troy has spent four months working alongside Mark and is now out doing jobs on his own. Troy has experience working on dairy and dairy support farms in Canterbury and is a keen hunter, fisherman and rugby player. Troy has received excellent feedback from our customers and is often praised for his quiet gentle approach with the cows.

Lindsey Roberts

The person most likely to answer the phone... Lindsey arranges our bookings, sorts out supplies for farms and ensures we all turn up at the right farm, on the right day and at the right time. Not wanting to be tied entirely to her desk Lindsey keeps her office mobile which means she often answers her calls while riding her horse.