How thick should the sole be after trimming?

5 to 7mm

What is the white line?

The distinct pale horn around the edge of the sole where it meets the horn of the wall of the hoof.

How do you identify cattle with significant height difference in their claws?

Cattle with significant height difference will often exhibit a “hocked out” stance – the rear feet are turned outwards to compensate for the higher outer claw and the discomfort they feel.

When should you use a claw block?

When you cannot create a height difference to save a wound from contact with the ground and always when the wound is in the toe. Always apply the claw block to the healthy claw!!!

How long ought the claw be after trimming?

7.5 to 8mm long from the coronet to the toe.

Do you do the same to front feet as back feet?

No – the loading is opposite so the outer claw is the template and the inner claw should be trimmed to match.

How long should a claw block be left on for?

Normally 5 to 6 weeks.

What is the corium?

The tissue that produces the hoof – similar to the quick in our nails.

What is “foul in the foot?”

A bacterial infection in the space between the claws. Sometimes but not exclusively caused by stone penetration.