A crush for the farm where the operators are keen to try and treat as many cattle as possible themselves. The electric winch crush provides the easiest way of handling and trimming your cows and is comparable with some of the more basic hydraulic crushes available elsewhere but at a much more competitive price.

Featuring sturdy steel construction and a self-locking front headgate, this crush combines safety with ease of use by having two hinged nod gates as standard on each side to funnel in your cows.

A rear bar is manually ratcheted into position behind the cow to secure her inside the crush before the belly band is lifted by means of two electric winches. The rear leg strap is attached and again lifted by an electric winch switch-operated on the side of the crush. The front feet are roped and lifted onto the block in the same manner and, when lowered, the back leg and belly band follow suit. The front yoke opens outward leaving the cow to exit forward with no obstacle.

NZ$16,475 +GST