How many cows can you treat between milkings?

A single trimmer will normally get at least 50 cows done and we can double that if we can set up two units.

Do you need help?

We normally ask that a member of farm staff is with us to help load cows into the race and record any information about the cows we treat. Our trimmers can move around freely during the loading process as our crushes are radio controlled.

How are your crushes powered?

Our machines run on single phase 230v power i.e. a normal NZ power socket.

How near does the power socket need to be?

We carry 40m of cable. At a pinch we can add another 20 metres to this but much more than that and we will experience too great a loss in power.

Can you run your machines on a generator?

Only if it produces at least 10kva.

Are you always able to set up on farm?

Our trimmers all carry additional alloy yard gates in addition to the fold out nod gates on our crushes. We have never yet been unable to set up however it would be fair to say we have been to some tight spots!